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"If there is a job to do—just do it!" My dad, who was a hard-working Montana rancher, instilled that message in me at a young age. Since then, I have raised a family, worked 35 years in the field of Education, and volunteered countless hours to other political candidates' races and issues I believe in and support. 

As a legislator, I brought my strong work ethic and persistence to my office by serving on the Education, Judiciary and Agriculture committees. My work on these committees, along with the several bills I carried in the House, was interesting and challenging. I've learned so much! 

One of the biggest priorities this past session was preserving health care coverage for the 1 in 10 Montanans enrolled in Montana Medicaid. Continuing Montana's unique Medicaid program wasn't just the right thing to do -- it was the smart thing to do! We protected 100,000 Montanans and preserved vital jobs in the medical profession across the state. 

The Montana Legislature hadn't invested in much-needed infrastructure projects across the state in almost a decade. I am very proud that during the 2019 session, we passed a statewide infrastructure package with multiple projects designated for our state. In addition, we expanded resources for upgrades to our state parks. 
As a lifelong educator, I made sure that we funded our public education system including an increase for special education and a tuition freeze for our post-secondary students. We need to do better though than just the bare-minimum. Full funding of our education system including public preschool and special education, is one of the most important investments we can and should make. Currently, I am serving on the interim Education committee, and we are collaborating to ensure kids show up to school ready to learn, discussing student well-being initiatives and investigating opportunities for career and technical education. This shared bi-partisan vision will help guide legislative proposals for 2021. 
I will continue to champion the environment by: advocating for clean energy and moving us towards renewables; lobbying for net metering practices and community solar opportunities; working to enable homeowners to purchase solar or enhance their homes through energy conservation methods. I will ensure our public lands and sacred places are kept in public hands, and hold industry accountable for their impact to our environment. 

“‘If there is a job to do—just do it!’  That’s what I learned at an early age from my dad, who was a hard-working, third generation Montana rancher. Since then, I have raised a family, worked 35 years as an educator, and volunteered countless hours to help elect other candidates, and to issues I believe in and support, especially environmental causes.”

Connie Keogh

Candidate for Missoula's House District 91

And as you know, the work is never done! It has been my pleasure to serve as the Representative for HD91. With your support and guidance, I will continue to work hard for Missoula and the State of Montana. 

During the 2019 session, I was able to keep in contact with folks by sending weekly email updates, responding to correspondence, returning phone calls, sending a district wide mailing, and getting to visit with individuals when they came to the capitol. If you are interested in receiving email updates from me, please contact me!

Thank you for your confidence in my campaign. 

Connie Keogh
Democratic Candidate for House District 91