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Connie is proud to receive these endorsements! 

Some of the Folks Endorsing Connie Keogh for HD 91...

"As your State Senator for HD 91/92 I am delighted to endorse candidate Connie Keogh for HD91. Connie has the maturity, knowledge and passion for this work. She knows Missoula and she knows Montana. Connie is the best candidate to expand on the good work of Rep. Bryce Bennett, who is termed out. Please join me in supporting candidate Connie Keogh in 2018."
     -- Sue Malek, MT State Senator, SD 46 (HD 91/92)

"Connie Keogh will be a great leader for us in Helena, and I support her for HD 91. She values ‘good community’ and knows our children hold the best hope for our future. Connie is smart and tough, yet approachable and responsive to citizen’s needs. She will work to advance collaborative policies that benefit all Montanans. I’ll be voting for Connie and I hope you will too."
     -- Dave Strohmaier, Missoula County Commissioner

"I enthusiastically endorse Democratic candidate Connie Keogh for HD 91. She’s an ardent supporter of education, living wage jobs, and public lands, and her longtime volunteer experience with the Northern Plains Resource Council give her a deep understanding of rural eastern Montana issues. We’re lucky to have good candidates in this race, but my own legislative experience convinces me that Connie’s background and leadership qualities will make her a truly outstanding legislator. I urge you to support her."
     -- Daniel Kemmis, Former Speaker of the MT House and Missoula Mayor

"Connie Keogh embodies the best of the West. Her early years in rural eastern Montana embedded within her a strong work ethic. That, when coupled with her passion for higher education, makes Connie a formidable force in both empathy and compromise; traits our political leaders need when balancing budgets and building policy. I wholeheartedly endorse her."
     -- Heather Harp, Ward 3 City Councilor

Audrie Allyn
Dalton Anderson
Geoff Badenoch
Tom Benson
Barbara Berens
Pamela Boyd
Laura Brehm
Larry Brehm
Bonnie Buckingham
Karen Buley
Burt Caldwell
Brent Campbell
Bob Campbell
Kathi Campbell
Flo Chessin
Mike Chessin
Cass Chinske
Amy Cilimburg
William Clarke
Sneed Collard
Ben Darrow
Annette Delano
Torian Donohoe
Eric Elander
Nancy Erickson
Terri Elander
Barb Farrell
Janet Fay
Chic Fitts
Franke Flaherty
Michael Flaherty
Deirdre Flaherty
Russ Fletcher
Cynthia Ford
Dayl Fredrickson
Mike Fredrickson
Sue Furey
Daniel Gallacher
Libbey Gallagher-Barsness
Molly Galusha
Bill Geer
Linda Gillison
Charney Gonnerman
​Jessica Grennan
Jim Gillison
Lynn Grisham
Jon Haber
Helen Hansen
Dave Harmon
Jim Harte
Keith Hardin
Neva Hassanein
Kathy Heffernan
John Heffernan
Glenn Hladek
Rev. Judith Holloway
Steven Holloway
Sharon Horner
Ross Keogh
Kristin King
Kathryn Kress
Effie Kuehn
Anita Jakupcak
Mike Jakupcak
Paul Jensen
Chase Jones
Estelle Jones 
Dan Kemmis
Ellen Knight
Bob Knight
Jeffrey Kooris
Bert Lindler
Steve Loken
John Lubber
Cynthia Manning
​Janet McMillian
Claudia Narcisco
Barbara Neilan
Svein Newman
Roy O'Connor
Sue Orr
Tom Orr
Linda Osler
Jim Parker
Grant Parker
Vinnie Pavlish
Del Pierce
Julie Pierce
Rick Potts
Lynn Purl
Olleke Rappe-Daniels
John Rimel
Terri Roach
Twila Rudio
Carol Russell
John Russell
Steve Seibert
Nancy Seldin
Marilyn Simpson
Bill Shea
Josh Slotnick
Tyler Smith
Edie Smith
Richard Smith
Jean Yen Smith
Jeff Smith
Ann McCloud Sneath
Stan Sneath
Rita Sommers-Flanagan
John Sommers-Flanagan
Susan Stubblefield
John Talbot
John Torma
Linda Torma
Pete Talbot
Sandi Tarr
Greg Tollefson
Jeannie Twohig
Judy Visscher
Jim Wahlberg
Judy Wahlberg
Jennifer Watson
Kelly Webster
Dirk Williams
Rita Wolfe
Gary Wolfe
Linda Woodbridge
Kathy Young
Ron Erickson, MT State Senator, retired
Tyler Gernant, Missoula County Clerk & Recorder
Robin Hamilton, Former Missoula State Representative 
Heather Harp, Missoula City Council
Ellie Hill, MT State Representative
Gwen Jones, Missoula City Council
Daniel Kemmis, Former Missoula Mayor &
    former Speaker of the MT House
Sue Malek, MT State Senator
Andrew Person, Former Missoula State Representative
Elaine Dugas Shea, Former City Council Ward 1
Tom Steenberg, Former MT State Legislator
​Dave Strohmeier, Missoula County Commissioner