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Climate Change & Clean Energy

As a citizen and member of several organizations including Northern Plains Resource Council, Montana Conservation Voters, Climate Smart Missoula, and Montana Renewable Energy Association that strive towards a renewable energy future, I have worked tirelessly on local energy efficiency projects and participated in campaigns across the state to transition to a clean energy economy. I have lobbied the legislature and testified at hearings. The vast majority of Montanans have positive views of renewable energy and believe we can reduce carbon pollutions without increasing utility bills. Taking away the power and control by corporate utilities and allowing citizens to reap the many benefits of a clean energy economy would save money and create jobs. Regardless of income or standing in a community, clean energy choice should be available to all. 
Climate change is real. All across our nation we are feeling its impacts, from the deadly, devastating fire season of 2017 in the West, to bitterly cold winters in the East, to killer super storms in the South, the warming of our planet is threatening our way of life. The science is in: 95% of all scientists agree that man-made emissions are warming our planet. Decision makers need to rally to address this issue. The time for talking is over, it's time to take action.  

Transitioning away from fossil fuels to conservation and clean energy sources, like wind, solar and geothermal, is essential to the sustainability of our communities and the planet. Conserving energy is our least expensive resource, followed by renewable energy resources which cost less than traditional and dirty fossil fuels. But there are more benefits to renewable resources than just keeping energy costs down. Transitioning to a cleaner energy economy will create thousands of jobs creating prosperity for our urban and rural communities, as well as improve the health and well-being of Montanans. Our state policies shape Montana's renewable energy industry.

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"Montana has a lot of sunny days, wind and rivers, together capable of providing more energy than we need. Renewable energy will reduce our carbon footprint and Keogh will champion these energy sources and reducing the energy cost for the average Montana family." --C. Burt Caldwell, Missoulian Letter to the Editor (Read full LTE in our Press Archive)

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