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Voters' issues in House District 91 are my issues.

As I meet with residents throughout House District 91, I am learning what is important to you and what you are concerned about. Fully funding our education system and protecting our environment as provided by our state Constitution are always mentioned. Providing adequate funding for health care and services for those who are our youngest, our disabled, and our elderly as well as public health and safety are priorities for many voters. Talking about the fires and the impact of climate change along with concerns over the rise in property taxes resonate strongly with many voters, while also discussing the need to raise revenue to support services. 

The compelling concern among constituents in House District 91 is the need to improve communication across the state and work together as a legislative body on issues that impact all of us in Montana.

I promise that I will discover something in common with all those serving in the legislature. I promise I will work hard to learn the issues, and I promise to work collaboratively to develop common sense solutions.
The following pages touch on some issues that are representative of my visits with citizens and community leaders and the direction that I will advocate for, if elected.

Thanks for your interest and ideas and willingness to talk with me as I make the rounds through the neighborhoods. Please feel free to call or email me with any additional questions or concerns, particularly if we have not met.

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