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Friday, March 16, 2018

Keogh for schools, lands, energy
C. Burt Caldwell, Missoulian Letter to the Editor

"Montana has a lot of sunny days, wind and rivers, together capable of providing more energy than we need. Renewable energy will reduce our carbon footprint and Keogh will champion these energy sources and reducing the energy cost for the average Montana family." (Read full LTE in our Press Archive)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Keogh will help protect public lands
Rita Wolfe, Missoulian Letter to the Editor

"[Connie Keogh] believes that public lands are critical to our quality of life. She understands that public lands are crucial for the clean air and water that make our communities livable, and they are what makes the outdoor recreation economy thrive in Montana. Keogh supports keeping public lands in public hands, protecting Montana's constitutional guarantee of a clean and healthful environment...." (Read full LTE in our Press Archive)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Moving Montana Forward!
Connie Keogh will file for Missoula's House District 91

Missoula, MT. Missoula resident Connie Keogh a lifelong educator, a mentor to prospective teachers, and a proud mother and grandmother has been a Democratic candidate in Missoula's HD 91 since last summer, knocking on doors and meeting voters. Yet she had to wait until today, Thursday January 11, to officially file for her MT House seat. She has traveled to Helena today, along with other Democrats, to file for this office in Helena.

" 'If there is a job to do—just do it!' That's what I learned at an early age from my dad, who was a hard-working, third generation Montana rancher," said Keogh. "Since then, I have raised a family, worked 35 years as an educator, and volunteered countless hours to help elect other candidates, and to issues I believe in and support, especially environmental causes."

Keogh brings years of personal and professional experience to this race including leadership skills, teaching experience, and the 'can do' attitude honed from years of hard work on the south-central Montana ranch where she grew up. Montana has a diverse landscape and population, and having lived, and worked, in both rural and urban communities, in the east and in the west, she has a unique understanding of the complex issues and challenges facing them both. Keogh will commit the time and energy to thoroughly understand the issues, and work toward creating positive solutions that benefit all Montanans.

"As your State Senator for HD 91/92 I am delighted to endorse candidate Connie Keogh for HD 91," said Sue Malek, MT State Senator, SD 46. "Connie has the maturity, knowledge and passion for this work. She knows Missoula and she knows Montana. Connie is the best candidate to expand on the good work of Rep. Bryce Bennett, who is termed out. Please join me in supporting candidate Connie Keogh in 2018."

House District 91 generally includes the Rattlesnake area through downtown and over to University Avenue.

"Ever since my mom took my sister and me to the Billings Fairground the day John F. Kennedy visited, I have been interested in serving my community," said Keogh. "Now, I am well-prepared for the next challenge: running for House District 91 in Missoula. If elected, I will draw on my life experiences, my abundant energy and my Montana-grown integrity to boost the effectiveness of the Montana Legislature."

Since moving to Missoula in 2014, Ms. Keogh have been active with Montana Conservation Voters, and she has worked extensively on political and issue related campaigns. Connie is also a retired MEA-MFT member and stays actively engaged in education issues, K-12.

With the addition to her family of two beautiful grandchildren, who live in Missoula, and now being a grandmother has cemented her commitment to improving educational opportunities in Montana. She believes there is nothing more important than sufficiently funding our public schools. Keogh notes, "Shortchanging our children on education results in fewer economic opportunities and an increase in our already burgeoning prison population."

Through her years of work with Northern Plains Resource Council and Montana Conservation Voters, Connie has been a champion for the environment by advocating for: clean energy and moving Montana towards a renewable energy future; clean water and air standards; and keeping public lands and sacred places in public hands.

"Connie Keogh will be a great leader for us in Helena, and I support her for HD 91," said Missoula County Commissioner Dave Strohmaier. She values 'good community' and knows our children hold the best hope for our future. Connie is smart and tough, yet approachable and responsive to citizen's needs. She will work to advance collaborative policies that benefit all Montanans. I'll be voting for Connie and I hope you will too."

It is through her service as a teacher, her experiences as a parent, and her hours as a community volunteer that she has realized the importance of political engagement in policy.

"If elected, I look forward to sharing my knowledge, building on my experiences, and furthering my education, as your next representative of House District 91," said Keogh before hitting the road to Helena.