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Dan Kemmis - Keogh will bring solidly reliable positions

Tuesday May 8, 2018

Keogh will bring solidly reliable position on resource and agriculture issues
Daniel Kemmis, Missoulian Letter to the Editor

I'm urging my friends and neighbors who live in the Rattlesnake, downtown or the university neighborhood to vote for Connie Keogh in the Democratic primary next month.  There are many good reasons to do that, but one of them is to give Missoula a little extra leverage in the Legislature.  My own experience convinces me that voting for Connie is the way to do that.

One of my sharpest memories from serving in the Montana Legislature arose from a floor debate on some issue affecting agriculture.  When I mentioned that I had grown up on a farm in eastern Montana, I noticed a number of faces with that famous farmer's tan turning toward me in obvious surprise.  Until then, I had been just one more liberal Missoulian, but now, suddenly, I had become something more than that.  Even though I continued to have my differences with many of those farmers and ranchers, I was never so readily typecast again.

This year, those of us who live in House District 91 have a choice among some excellent candidates in the Democratic primary.  One of them – Connie Keogh – will bring to the Legislature her solidly reliable position on issues like education, health care, social equity and gun safety, but she will also bring her upbringing on a ranch east of the divide, and her years of involvement in resource and agriculture issues as an active member of the Northern Plains Resource Council and Montana Conservation Voters.  To gain Missoula a little extra credibility in Helena, I urge you to vote for Connie Keogh.

-- Daniel Kemmis is Former Speaker of the Montana House and Former Mayor of Missoula