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Important Endorsements for Keogh

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Important endorsements for Keogh
Ross Keogh, Missoulian Letter to the Editor

I encourage a vote for my mom, Connie Keogh, for the Montana Legislature. Obviously, I am biased. I have had a front seat to her incredible passion, skill — and, critically — patience over the last 33 years. As a mom, she has been second to none.

How would she do in the legislature? I think the verdict is clear. Connie Keogh is the only candidate in the race to be endorsed by the Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE). This is the union that represents our teachers and public employees. MFPE looked at the race for House District 91 and recognized that there is only one candidate who has committed her professional life to education, first as a special education teacher, then as an elementary school teacher, and now as a mentor to students seeking teaching degrees and certification.

My mom is also the only candidate to be endorsed by a conservation organization: the Montana Rural Action Fund. Connie Keogh is a committed conservationist, who knows the value of hard work. She grew up on ranch, and has knocked virtually every door in HD 91 — twice.

I hope you will join me in voting for my mom, Connie Keogh, for HD 91.