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Keogh committed to winning, serving

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Keogh committed to winning, serving
Rita Sommers-Flanagan, Missoulian Letter to the Editor

This letter is in support of Connie Keogh, who is running for House District 91. Many Missoulians have met Keogh, as she's knocked on more doors and attended more events than I thought humanly possible the past few months. Even though I've known Keogh in many capacities (teacher, ranch kid, fellow student, friend and colleague) and for a long time, I've never seen her work harder, or care more deeply about an undertaking. She is committed to running, winning and serving.

You could not find a candidate on either side of the aisle who knows Montana better or cares more about the welfare of the state and its citizens. Because of decades of activism, Keogh is known and respected all across the state. This depth of connection will make her effective in working on issues of importance to all Montanans.

Keogh goes the extra mile. She listens, reads, consults and collaborates. She's concerned about issues all thoughtful Montanans are concerned about. She's trustworthy and steady and she'll bring all these amazing traits, and all that great energy, to work for her constituents and all of Montana.

Remember to vote in the primary. Vote Connie Keogh!