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Keogh will have legislative influence

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Keogh will have legislative influence
John Sommers-Flanagan, Missoulian Letter to the Editor

This letter is an endorsement of Connie Keogh for House District 91.

I've known Keogh for about 30 years. She is an extremely hard worker with great focus, drive and determination. She is deeply committed to a clean environment, public education, renewable energy and gun safety.

Keogh has connections with individuals and organizations across the state. Having been raised on a ranch in Roscoe, Keogh has the potential to be heard and have influence over legislators outside Missoula — which is something we desperately need in the Montana Legislature.

In addition, Connie is an exquisite listener and responsive to feedback. She will use her listening skills to hear our concerns and issues and represent us with great competence in the Montana Legislature.