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Mary DeNevi

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 

Keogh shows energy, determination
Mary DeNevi, Missoulian Letter to the Editor

Montana's citizen legislature gives all Montana residents the privilege of sending our friends and neighbors to represent us in Helena. I am privileged to write this letter in support of Connie Keogh, who is running for House District 91 in the Democratic primary.

Keogh's energy and determination in running her campaign bode well for her constituents if she is elected. She has knocked on virtually every door in her district. She loves to be invited in for a visit, listens carefully to what people say and follows up with notes about her neighbors’ hopes and concerns for Montana.

She cares about public education, having been an educator for decades. She has demonstrated her commitment to conservation, the environment and public lands through service. She supports a ban on assault weapons, universal background checks and mandatory hunters' safety courses, among other common-sense approaches to curb the epidemic of gun violence.

Please visit her website to learn more about what Connie Keogh supports, and opposes, on these and other issues likely to come before the Montana House.