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I graduated with a degree in Elementary and Special Education from the Montana University System, and began my teaching career with confidence in the public-school system. I have advocated for fully funding public education all my life and continue to fight for high quality public education for all Montana children. A quality education is the engine that drives economic security and prosperity. 

Montanans support providing a quality education to children across the state. Montana's schools are diverse from small rural grade schools like the two-room grade school that I attended to large urban schools with 25 or more children in each classroom.  Public schools, regardless of size, are able to offer a variety of curriculum and educational options with the advent of the Montana Digital Academy and different career tracks, which offer dual credits through the state university system.  

Montana has a long and proud history of providing quality public education to its children. Let's not jeopardize our long-lived success by experimenting with unproven proposals that drain resources away from public funding.

Connie is proud to receive the endorsement from the Montana Federation of Public Employees!
I support:

"... An educator for 35 years, [Connie] will fight for better funding for education, better training for teachers, and better conditions in schools across the state... When choosing among good candidates in a primary election, I am persuaded by one critical factor: hard work. Keogh started early and continues to try to make contact with everyone in her district and does the leg work required of a successful candidate. I am sure that Keogh will work as hard in Helena as she has on her campaign." 
-- Robin Hamilton (Former House District 92 Legislator), Missoulian Letter to the Editor (Read full LTE in our Press Archive)

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