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Taxes and the Budget

Montana is a great place to work and play. Revenue from tax dollars allow Montanans to work together to educate our children, build and maintain infrastructure, keep the public safe, maintain clean air and water, and create an environment for a strong sustainable economy. 53% of our tax money comes from income taxes. Property, corporate income, vehicle, oil and natural gas, and other taxes contribute the rest of revenue to our general fund.

Last year, Montana had a difficult budget to balance because of sky-high firefighting costs and revenue that was below projections. A special session was held to resolve this inequality. Instead of taking steps to update Montana's tax system and address revenue shortfalls responsibly, the Republican-controlled Legislature forced the Governor to make cuts to Department of Public Health and Human Resources (DPHHS), case management, and Medicaid provider rates to legally balance the budget.

The real-life consequences of budget decisions are now impacting Montanans across the state. The impacts are devastating and have real life consequences for those most vulnerable.


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